HR Analytics and Evidence-Based Management

The 2 (quite different) ways of approaching HR analytics

This is just a 1:38 long but is a critical insight on HR Analytics.


One hour of definitions in one minute

It’s easy to get off track when you focus on the wrong questions.

And stay tuned for the follow up video where we give examples of “Who?” and “What for?”

HR Analytics Diagnostics Video

One thing that strikes me is how big a gap there is between a few firms operating at the frontiers of HR analytics and those down at the end of lonely street trying to get started with limited support.

I’ve created a musical view of the the different stages of HR analytics.  Perhaps you’ll find it helpful in seeing more clearly where you company is now and how to move to the next stage of maturity.

The Big Bang Theory of HR Analytics

This video (2:30) is fun, but it does get to a big issue in bringing HR analytics to life; and helps show why I’ve taken such an interest in evidence-based management.

(I hope you are familiar with the TV show; it’s more vivid if you know the characters)

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