Lonely Street HR Analytics Diagnostic

Four Stage Diagnostic

Which stage do you feel you are at? What is the main barrier to moving forward?

Stage 1Stage 1 “Down at the end of lonely street”
You see the benefit and have decent analytical skills, but there is no momentum in the organization; colleagues are a little surprised whenever you approach things with rigor.  You’d really like to move to Stage 2. You need to focus on a single project and get allies..



Stage 2Stage 2 “You say we’re a mess, I say we’re beginners”
The skills and systems are not all in place but there is enthusiasm about bringing more rigor to HR. It is just a matter of figuring out how, HR can move forward while continuing to deliver on our other priorities. You need help getting early wins.


Stage 3Stage 3: “In an Empire State of Mind”, You have proven analytics capability and are ready for the big time. You are considering a more formal HR analytics group; you are pondering significant investments in technology. You can see doing things that have a broad business impact.  You long for assurance that you can get to Stage 4 without making a mistake that undermines credibility.

 Stage 4

Stage 4: “To boldly go“.  You have systems, skills and experience but you know you have to keep moving forward, since you are at the frontier there are no established paths. You want ongoing help from intellectual collaborators to make sure you are having a real business impact enterprise-wide.