The Advanced Topics

About the Advanced Topic

The Advanced Topics focus on ideas I feel are important but where my thoughts are incomplete or perhaps in some important way completely wrong. They do deal with organizational issues but will often have social policy implications. While I will try to write in plain English I won’t eschew fun terms like epistemology or cellular automata if the need arises.

My Relevant Background

I once heard it said  that, at a young age, Northrop Frye realized he would have to read one important book every week if he had any hope of establishing a comprehensive knowledge of English literature. I have not come close to matching that pace but I have read widely in the sciences, social sciences and humanities–and not just the light material that sits on the New York Times’ best sellers lists. I have a particular interest in books that challenge the underpinning of disciplines, so while it is valuable to read history it is even more enlightening to read books that critique the methods of historians.

This background is not nearly sufficient to tackle the Advanced Topics the way I would like; however I’m am probably as qualified as many people who do venture opinions on such topics.

 The Posts (always in beta)

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