Secret Sauce of Human Capital Reporting (2:07)
The full power of employee surveys is rarely understood, I believe they are the Microscope of Human Capital and your best tool for reporting to boards and investors.

The Link from Human Capital Reporting to Corporate Responsibility Reporting (2:45)
I’m uncomfortable putting HCR into the CSR because that implies it’s about being good, not driving results.
Note that since this video was done I’ve been keeping in touch with the integrated reporting movement, and have some new ideas … just get in touch to chat about this:

Reporting on Human Capital: Why now?  (2:18)
People have been talking about human capital for a long time (see my Long Road article) but the momentum slowly grows and now is a good time to get started or raise your game a notch.

Reporting on Human Capital: Wall Street Analysts (3:00)
It’s debated whether analysts care about human capital, but it’s self evident they should. Dave Ulrich is doing a big project on this (2011) and I’m happy to talk about his findings too.

Reporting on Human Capital: Pivotal Talent (3:39)
I’m a big fan of Boudreau & Ramstad’s work on pivotal talent (I helped them with some articles even before Beyond HR was written); it’s definitely key for boards and probably investors too.

Reporting on Human Capital: Scale (3:22)
I argue that a small project ‘starting from where you are’ is useful, low risk and often better than some ‘big bang’ project.


Behind the Scenes at Creelman Research

This last video–which I probably should take off my business page–is fantastically more popular than my wise comments on human capital.  It’s just a couple of local artists performing in the village of Azille in France.  I call it ‘behind the scenes’ because the truth is that I’ve spent months at a time in France and the whole point is not just to study human capital but to live life as a human.  Coincidentally PeopleSoft Fellow Row Henson has a place in the village down the road, and former Hay Group Partner Don Currie is nearby, and if you drive down the coast for 45 minutes you may bump into the grandfather of intellectual capital: Lief Edvinsson.  All in all a great bit of human capital right there. OK, here’s the link to French singers.